If you have horses, you’ve probably heard the phrase ‘no hoof, no horse’, and this couldn’t be more true! Our equine vets want to make sure that all parts of your horse are in tip-top shape, and that includes their feet.



Having radiographs of your horse’s feet helps to find out what’s going on inside your horse’s hooves to ensure optimal health and performance. We are now offering farrier x-rays at a discounted rate with a range of options from front feet images only, front and back feet only, or all four feet with measurements and recommendations.

The benefits of these images include:

  • Gaining insight into what is happening inside your horse's hooves
  • Checking for any bony changes or rotation of the pedal bone
  • Early detection of laminitis
  • Checking for any imbalances
  • Ensuring their feet are being trimmed and shod appropriately and optimally

These images can assist your farrier in ensuring they are trimming and shoeing your horse optimally to achieve the best results for your horse and help you achieve your performance goals!

Even better there is no consultation fee, just the cost of the x-rays! Please note this service is only available at our Mount Pleasant Equine clinic only.


We are now offering regular farrier days where we have both a farrier and vet at our Mount Pleasant clinic all day.

These farrier days are perfect if:

  • You are wanting corrective shoeing done
  • Your horse requires sedation for any farrier work
  • You would like x-rays performed before and or after shoeing
  • Or simply just need a farrier

New clients are very welcome, with x-rays and sedation available if required. This service is available at our Mount Pleasant equine clinic only and only on set dates. Bookings are required with spaces filling fast!