Preventative Healthcare

It is inevitable that your pet will develop health issues during their lifetime, especially as they enter their more senior years. However, many of these issues can either be avoided – or lessened – with some preventative actions.

During your pet’s health check appointment, your vet will take the time to discuss a wide range of preventative measures to keep your pet healthy and in top condition. Some of the key measures we typically discuss include:



Vaccinations are a key component in keeping your pet in good health and are one of the easiest ways you can prevent your pet from becoming ill. A broad range of serious diseases, including parvovirus, distemper, and FIV can all be avoided with a regular vaccination schedule. During your health check appointment, we will discuss the vaccination program that is best suited to your pet’s age, lifestyle, and any pre-existing conditions.



Worming is another important part of your pet’s health care routine. It’s crucial that you start your pet’s worming routine when they are young, as puppies and kittens can be particularly susceptible to becoming ill due to having too many worms. Your pet can also pass on intestinal worms to your family, with children more prone to being infected.

Your vet will take the time to run through the different treatment options available that best suits your dog or cat.

Weight management

An overweight pet will typically have a lower life expectancy and is much more likely to be diagnosed with serious health complications such as diabetes and musculoskeletal conditions. At each check-up, your vet will weigh your pet, and keep a track of their weight from each visit. They will also provide you with advice regarding diet and exercise to help your pet maintain a healthy weight.

Dental care

Preventative dental care is incredibly important in helping to keep your pet’s teeth strong and healthy. If left untreated, dental disease will not only affect their teeth – infection can lead to serious illness which can be life-threatening.

During your pet’s annual check-up, your vet will thoroughly check for any signs of dental issues or gum disease and determine if their teeth require cleaning or any further treatment. They will also provide you with recommendations on how you can help look after their teeth at home to prevent any serious teeth or gum problems.