Equine Services

Equine Services

We offer a full range of high-quality veterinary services for your pleasure or performance horse, including dentistry, health checks, surgery, reproduction services and more.

Our highly experienced vets do regular runs across the Adelaide Hills and greater Adelaide region with our fully mobile and portable systems. This includes a portable crush for performing routine equine dental and reproduction services at your own property.



Routine lameness evaluations
Nerve blocks
Diagnostic Imaging


Chilled and frozen semen breeding packages, stud farm and more. 

Health Checks

Routine check ups / vaccinations
Geriatric horse management (PPID/EMS)
Nasal discharges / colds / etc.

Equine Surgery

Laceration repairs
Field surgical procedures

Equine Dentistry

Portable crush
Oral health examinations
Geriatric horse management

Diagnostic Imaging

Portable x-ray
Ultrasound imaging

Freeze Branding

Thoroughbred stud identification Individual breed ID requirements

Faecal Egg Count

Drop off service - at Gawler East or Mount Pleasant clinic
For horses, sheep, alpacas and goats


Routine blood testing
Upper Airway Endoscopy