Our Clinic

Being a smaller, family-owned vet practice, our small animal clinic has a strong focus on personalised service.


Longer consults

All our standard consults are 30 minutes long – twice as long as many other vet clinic appointments. During your appointment we take the time to ensure your dog or cat is as comfortable and relaxed as possible, with the aim to make the whole experience less stressful for your pet – and for you.

Longer consultations allow our vets to really take the time to thoroughly check over your pet, so you can feel assured that your cat or dog is getting the best veterinary care possible.

More time also provides you with the opportunity to discuss any concerns you may have, from diet recommendations to any concerning behaviour your pet may be displaying. We never want you to feel rushed when you visit our veterinary clinic.

Full range of veterinary services

From annual health check-ups and vaccinations to dentistry, desexing and surgery, we offer a wide range of healthcare services for your dog or cat. We can also perform a range of in-house diagnostic services including X-rays, ultrasounds and blood and urine analysis.

Personalised approach

The Cameron Veterinary services team are focused on providing your pet with the best quality, individualised care possible. During our consults we take the time to get to know your pet – and you, as their owner.

And to further develop the strong bond between vet, pet, and owner, we aim to make your appointments with the same vet every time you come to our clinic.

Purpose-built clinic

Our clinic is conveniently located in the newly constructed Springwood Place shopping precinct in East Gawler, with plenty of parking available right outside the clinic.

Building our veterinary practice from the ground up (literally!) has allowed us to create a clinic that is designed exactly the way we want it to be. With 3 consult rooms, large treatment area and operating theatre, the clinic is fully equipped with an in-house laboratory, the latest in diagnostic imaging technology and an onsite pharmacy.