Health Checks

Here at Cameron Veterinary Services, we believe that annual health checks are about much more than just vaccinations.

Dogs and cats age much quicker than us humans, so regular check-ups are the best way to make sure your pet is in top shape.


What happens during a health check appointment?

During the check-up, your vet will undertake a thorough physical examination. They will check your pet’s eyes and ears, take their temperature, and listen to their heart and lungs. They will also feel for any abnormalities in the lymph nodes, legs, and abdomen, as well as having a good look at their coat and skin to check for any signs of irritation or lumps and bumps. Your vet will also thoroughly check for any signs of dental issues or gum disease.

A health check is also a great time for you to raise any questions you may have about your cat or dog, from diet recommendations and grooming requirements to any concerning behaviour your pet may be displaying.

How long does a health check take?

Like all of our consults, our check-up appointments are 30 minutes long. This gives our vet plenty of time to thoroughly examine your pet.

Will you perform any diagnostic tests during a check-up?

In certain circumstances, your vet may decide a blood or urine test is required to gain further insight into your pet’s health. This may be due to your pet’s age, pre-existing conditions, or due an observation made during the health check. We can perform these tests in-house at our clinic, which means you don’t have to wait a long time for the results.

How often should my pet have a health check?

We recommend that your pet has a thorough check-up once a year. However, if your pet is a young puppy or kitten, is over 10, or has a more serious medical condition, your vet may recommend more regular appointments.