Small Animal Services

Small Animal Services

Our small animal clinic offers high-quality, personalised care for your pet.

We want to get to know your pet – and you, as their owner – as this allows us to provide the best quality, individualised care. This is why all of our standard consults are 30 minutes long (twice as long as many other vet clinic appointments), and we also try wherever possible to ensure your pet sees the same vet each time they visit.

Our clinic is also equipped with the latest diagnostic technologies, pharmacy, and in-house laboratory. This allows us to conduct a variety of tests in our clinic and provide an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan without delay.


Health Checks

Regular check-ups are the best way to make sure your pet is in top shape


Vaccinations are an important part of your pet’s preventative health program.


Many of these issues can either be avoided – or lessened – with some preventative actions.


Desexing is a very common and safe procedure, with minimal risks involved.


Stocked with most of the prescription medications and preventative treatments your cat or dog may require.


We are passionate about the health of all animals’ teeth and offer a full range of pet dental care


Our purpose-built small animal clinic is equipped with the latest diagnostic technologies, allowing us to take both digital X-ray and ultrasounds.


Our on-site laboratory allows our staff to analyse tests onsite to provide prompt diagnosis and recommend a treatment plan without delay.


Make sure that your pet’s last moments are as peaceful as possible.

Pet Supplies

From dental care items, leashes, and grooming products to popular and prescription pet food.