Our clinic includes an onsite pharmacy which is stocked with most of the prescription medications and preventative treatments your cat or dog may require.

This means our vets can provide your pet with the medication they need during their consultation and provide you with the required doses to take home with you.

If your pet needs a more specialised medication that we don’t stock, we can usually have it ready for you to pick up the next day. We also stock a wide range of preventative treatments for dogs and cats, including flea, tick, and worming products.

Available For

  • Thoroughbred stud identification 

  • Individual breed ID requirements 

Numbers for drop and year identification provided, however a stud brand will need to be supplied. All patients are sedated, shaved and clipped to provide the bet contact for the brand. 

Thoroughbred stud identification also available with registered stud vets able to identify your offspring for registration.