Production Services

Our extensive services include. 



With so much involved in maintaining your herd, why not contact us for some help. We offer a wide range of diagnostic and consultancy services to assist you in getting the most out of your system. 

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Pregnancy Diagnosis

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Pregnancy diagnosis allows for producers to asses the pregnancy status of their herd. In doing so un-productive females can be identified as well as poor performing sires. This allows for greater control of your breeding herd and manage your future breeding and genetic potential. 


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Fixed time artificial insemination protocols allow for producers to increase the genetic diversity of a herd through sourcing multiple sires, and selecting for particular genetic traits. Tighter calving period, through cycle synchronisation, and targeted genetics are also benefits for producers. 

Herd Health Visits

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On farm herd health analysis with advice for calving patterns, sire selection, milk production and much more available. Vaccination protocols, disease investigations and risk assessments available for dairy, beef, goat and hobby farm operations. 

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Post Mortem


One of the most effective ways of diagnosing herd related issues on farm is from post mortem analysis of fresh dead animals. This gives us the best chance of obtaining an accurate diagnosis in herd health diseases, and sudden death cases. 

Bull Semen Sampling


Bull semen sampling is crucial to make sure his little swimmers are working, in order to avoid unnecessary losses through reduced conception rates. 

Calving Assistance


Calving issues and help with obstetric related issues. Cattle, sheep, alpaca and goats. Routine calving assistance or more complicated C-sections for valuable progeny.