Pet euthanasia: When it’s time to say your final goodbye

Our pets play such a huge role in our lives, but unfortunately, there will come a time when we have to bid them a final farewell. While it is a heart-wrenching decision to make, euthanasia allows you, as a pet owner, to provide your pet with a peaceful and painless end to their life when the time comes.

Making the difficult choice of euthanasia for your pet

Our role as vets is to look after your pets through all stages of their life, and the very end of their life is no different. As your pet ages, it can sometimes be hard to tell if your dog or cat is in pain or discomfort. While we do our utmost to keep your pet healthy and happy for as long as possible, we will always consider their comfort and quality of life during our care for them.

Making the decision to put your beloved cat or dog to sleep is very difficult and can be quite overwhelming for many pet owners. Our vets are here to help guide and support you through this process, and ensure that your pet’s end-of-life experience is as peaceful and comfortable as possible.

What to expect next

Once you have made the difficult decision to euthanise your cat or dog, you may wish to spend some extra time with them before they are put to sleep. Unless your pet is acutely unwell, you may choose to take your pet home for a final night with them. You can then bring your pet back into the vet clinic the next day, or there is also the option of home euthanasia.

Before we commence the euthanasia procedure, you will need to decide if you would like to stay with your pet during this time. While this can be a very confronting experience for some, accompanying your pet at the end of their life can give them great comfort, and may also provide you with a level of closure. However, if you would prefer to say goodbye before the injection, then this is completely understandable. You can be assured that our staff will be with your pet the entire time and provide them with comfort and care throughout the procedure.

The process of pet euthanasia is completely painless and very quick. Once the euthanasia solution has been administered, your pet will fall asleep within seconds, and then peacefully pass away in less than a minute. Your pet will experience no pain or suffering during this time.


Once your pet has passed away, we will leave you to spend some final time alone with them. After you’ve had the time to say your final goodbyes, we can organise the aftercare according to your wishes. There are a number of different options available, including home burial, individual cremation or communal cremation, all of which can be organised with complete dignity and respect for your pet.

At-home pet euthanasia

Many pet owners find great comfort in having their cat or dog put to sleep at home. This makes for a very peaceful and comforting option, and also allows your pet to spend their last moments in familiar surrounds.

In recognition of this, Cameron Veterinary Services now offers home pet euthanasia in the Gawler region and surrounding areas. Our compassionate vet and assisting vet nurse will travel to your home, allowing you to say the final goodbye to your dog or cat within the privacy of your own home.

We’re here to support you

As pet owners ourselves, the Cameron Veterinary Services team knows just hard it is to bid farewell to furred family members, and that’s why we do our very best to ensure that your pet’s last moments with us are as peaceful as possible.

For more information on our in-clinic and home euthanasia services, please contact our Springwood Place small animal vet clinic on 08 8318 1801.