What all horse owners should have in their first aid kit

Due to their size and curious nature, horses are very prone to injuring themselves. It’s more than likely that your horse will sustain several wounds – as well as a range of minor illnesses – over their lifetime, so having a first aid kit on hand – and knowing how to use it – is essential.

Horse first aid kit essentials

As equine vets, we would strongly recommend that you have a first aid kit ready to go and fully stocked for when an emergency occurs. Here’s a list of items that we routinely use when it comes to treating and managing wounds and ailments:

Wound Care:

  • Sterile gauze swabs for cleaning wounds
  • Absorbent wound pads for dressing all types of wounds

Bandaging Materials:

  • Hospital-grade compression bandage for securing dressings and splints
  • Elastic adhesive bandages for support and compression
  • Multi-layered poultice and wound dressing, treating laminitis, bruised soles and abscesses
  • Sterilised cotton bandages to provide absorbent cushioning for wounds to distal limbs
  • Non-woven veterinary Gamgee for use as a highly absorbent secondary wound dressing, providing warmth and padded protection to the wound site

Antiseptics and Cleaning Solutions:

  • Betadine or other antiseptic solution for cleaning wounds
  • Antiseptic and antibacterial cream (such as White Healer) to control infection of skin wounds and fungal skin infections as well as treating greasy heel, rain scale, mud fever and skin irritations
  • Saline solution for initial wound cleaning


  • Scissors for cutting bandages and tape
  • Tweezers for removing splinters or foreign objects
  • A digital thermometer to check for fever


  • Electrolyte sachets to help treat dehydration
  • Electro Paste or similar concentrated source of B Vitamins for energy replenishment and thirst stimulation

Miscellaneous Items:

  • Medical-grade disposable examination gloves
  • Fly repellent
  • A flashlight for examining wounds in low light
  • A spare halter and lead rope for handling the horse during treatment

Emergency Numbers:

  • Contact numbers for your local equine vet in case of emergencies

Horse first aid kit

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Wound management for your horse

Quick and effective action can significantly affect the outcome of an injury and ensure your horse’s speedy recovery, especially during our winter months. Colder weather can add further complication to wound care, as the cooler air can lead to delayed healing, so it’s especially important to be vigilant in looking for any lacerations and taking quick action.

There are four key steps to follow if your horse sustains a wound:

  1. Stop the bleeding and clean the wound
  2. Assess the wound
  3. Cover the wound
  4. Monitor the wound

Always consult your vet for any serious injuries or if you are uncertain about the proper course of action.

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It pays to be prepared

While as a horse owner you can’t always prevent injuries, being prepared ensures you can provide the best immediate care.

If you already have a first aid kit, it’s important to regularly check and keep it restocked, and familiarise yourself with basic first aid procedures.

While most wounds are minor and can be treated with some basic first aid knowledge and a well-stocked kit, there are occasions when they can be quite serious and need attention from an equine vet.

If you’re ever concerned about a wound or ailment, or the speed at which it is healing, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team at Cameron Veterinary Services on 08 8318 1801 for advice or to book an appointment.